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o3 is a boutique music studio that alternates as an academy and a collaborative space set in the cozy neighborhood of Siolim in North Goa, one of the world's most eclectic, vibrant art and music capitals. Our mission is to be an integral space for the music and arts community in the region through education , hosting online events , workshops and encouraging collaboration.


We undertake sound design projects for movies, ads, documentaries, music production for vocalists produced by our talented team of artists whose collective experience spans nearly two decades encompassing various genres maintaining a high standard of production quality.


Our hybrid mixing and mastering involves a unique chain of high grade plugins used by top notch engineers worldwide while running tracks through industry standard hardware gear for pristine analog warmth resulting in a top class modern sounding mixes.

Studio Rental

Set in the midst of the artistic hub of the country we also kept in mind to keep this space to welcome and encourage artists to collaborate. Our studios are available for rent .

Acoustic treatment

We undertake acoustic treatment of pro, semi pro and home studios, mid sized clubs and pubs in association with our partners who have designed plenty of projects in the country. All the materials are produced with the highest quality with regards to sound absorption and safety.

At O3 STUDIO, we come with a production experience of over 15 years

Sound design needs ranging from background score, ads, music production for independent vocalists, artists & bands

As performing artists ourselves we understand the needs of people in the music industry in changing times, challenging and demanding conditions. Hence we excel at providing world class services that wont break the bank.

Check out our studios

O station

O Station is the DJ booth that hosts latest industry standard gears featuring Pioneer XDj 1000 , 750 Mk2 mixer , Plx 500 turntables , Novation and Pioneer Dj controllers , boss guitar pedals and high precision Jbl lsr monitors.

Studio 3

Our music production desk featuring cutting edge Kali Audio monitors alongside synths Model D , O coast and Circuit Mono Station, plenty of the latest top notch software synths from Native Instruments, Xfer Records , Arturia and more. Also features a Shure SmS7 mic for vocal recording , a Maono condenser mic for podcasting with all of the above hosted on Daws Ableton , Logic, Reaper and Pro tools.

COURSES (Studio | Online)

At O3 studio we believe that the future of learning is individualized. Our course model is unique as we take only one on one classes tailored to the requirements of the student by focusing on quality more than quantity.

Hence our intake is very limited. Our main motto is to arm students to have the best possible skills to not only enter the industry but also to succeed in the long run.

Our courses are exclusively designed combining our experiences as performing artists in various fields with nearly 20 years of experience and as such plenty of content in this program is quite unique and hard to find elsewhere.

We are committed to ensure that everyone who comes out of our studio to perform successfully in the near future.



This course is for those who are interested in understanding the basic concepts of DJing and performance. This is a digital dj course aimed at those who would like to explore it as a hobby and perform at smaller intimate events but not limited to.

Duration: 1 Month

Price: 22,000 INR + plus taxes.


Our in-depth course aimed at the person who would like to consider a professional career in DJing. An absolute beast of a course where you will learn absolutely every single aspect of DJing (from basic to advanced to hybrid) encompassing various formats and exclusive tips and tricks specially formulated by us that you will not find elsewhere!

Price: 45,000 INR + plus taxes.

Duration: : 2 Months

Contact us for full course structure.



Ideal for those who are passionate about music and would like to get introduced to basic music production to pursue as a hobby and or eventually consider as an entry into the world of advanced music production.
And yes, just by using free tools!

Duration: 1 Month

Studio : 25000 INR plus taxes
Online : 20000 plus taxes


 For those who would want to get into all aspects of music production to pursue a professional career in the music industry in their respective niche specially designed by us to provide maximum and successful results in the least amount of time.

Duration: 2 Months

Studio : 50000 INR plus taxes
Online : 42000 plus taxes

Contact us for full course structure.


Our flagship signature course that is specifically designed for those who would like to pursue a professional career as a performing artist ready to hit the industry immediately within completion.

We bring our expertise of cutting edge production , DJing and performance techniques , access to our associated record label networks , marketing and business practices all carefully designed up to date and with all the latest trends in the music industry.

Duration: 3 Months

Price : 85,000 plus taxes

(Studio only)

Contact us for full course structure.


Learn the full art of Turntablism from basic to modern hybrid techniques

  • Understanding the components , concepts and usage of turntables
  • Basic mixing with vinyls and techniques
  • Scratching techniques
  • Setting up turntables with time code . Hybrid performance with Digital software (serato, traktor)

Duration: 5 weeks
10 classes , 90 mins each
Price: Rs : 30000/-


Learn the full of Visual Performance from performance , 3d projection mapping to basic and advanced creation of visuals.


Understanding the concepts of visual performance, aspects areas and various softwares
Overview of Industry standard software
Basic performance techniques

Duration : 4 weeks
8 classes 90mins each ,
Price : 25000/-

Advanced :

All content of basic module
Advanced performance techniques with Resolume
Learning 3d/projection mapping
Creation of standard loop based 2d visuals
Creation of advanced motion graphics with Blender

Duration: 8 weeks
16 classes 90mins each ,
Price: 50000/-


A course dedicated to those interesting in the technical side of music designing sound for concepts for movies , games ads and introduction to music programming.

Month 1 (Native instruments Module)

  • Learning various Industry standard synths by NI such as Massive , Reaktor and others.
  • In depth Cinematic sound and game design concepts with Kontakt

Month 2

  • Advanced Sampling techniques
  • Sci fi , Cinematic Fx sound design concepts with Glitchmachines and 3rd party fx plugins
  • Introduction to Synth building concepts using Max for Live and Reaktor.

Duration : 8 weeks
16 classes , 90 mins each
Price : 50,000 (studio)
45,000 (online)



Price: 20USD/1500 INR Per track. 

For bulk pricing, please contact us. 


Apart from learning how to dj and produce music, our studio is also setup to promote collaborations and to be a creative hub for the community. Whether you want to collaborate with your friends, host a class/workshop, teach others, make a livestream etc, or simply just want to practice we provide you all the tools to do exactly that.

1 hr : 2000 INR 

Every following hour : 1000

Podcast / mix record / practice: INR 1500 per hour.

Every following hour : 1000

Please contact us for pricing on longer requirements of 3 plus hours of either studios.


Core Team

Pioneering artist, label owner, mastering engineer and head faculty.
Braindrop / Synister
Leading artist at Omveda Rec, Educator & Acoustician and Programmer at Lucky Ali
Gabaa / Valance Paul
Up-coming electronica, downtempo and bass music artist
Liquid Soma _ Chaosoma
Liquid Soma / Chaosoma
Studio Manager and a talented Dj spinning since nearly 2 decades.
Dj Chinx


Popularly known as Dj Shiva Moon and Co founder of Go Madras Music festival.
Shiv gupta
Shiv Gupta
Former co founder of the Musicscool, Bangalore currently running Fat Cat Pizza
Sean dsouza
Sean D'Souza
Award winning dj as Mashter and founder of Prodj studio Delhi.
Manish Mendiratta